My Blazer

Hurts to see her this way.
My trucks holds immense sentimental value. I won't get rid of it unless it is catastrophically destroyed and then I might have it turned into metal art or something. Anyway it won't start and hasn't started since Friday. It doesn't start if it is pointed downhill and/or rains. Last time it did this I had it hauled to a shop and I was told they couldn't find anything wrong with it. They said it was operator error that I had flooded it. They told me it was a fuel injected engine and not to pump the gas pedal when turning the key.
That is how you treat me?
I've had this truck for four years, this problem has only been going on for the last year. So it when to a new shop this time. However I've been bummed out because I haven't had wheels since Friday. I won't have wheels until Wednesday at the earliest.


  1. The problem was a bad spark plug. I'll never take my truck to that shop again.


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